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apartamenty przy bulwarze

Apartments at the Boulevard is a place created with active citizens in mind. Comfortable, spacious accommodation in attractive, modern buildings is a guarantee of comfort at home, as well as in its surroundings.

The Apartment Project at the Boulevard was created by one of the Polish most famous architectural workshops Ingarden & Ewy. Five private, low buildings, form a well-knit city quarter. Kept in modern, spare style, they perfectly become part of the new and the existing district housing.

Modern buildings form five, inner, green courtyards. The simple form of excellently kept lawn squares emphasizes the dynamics and modern character of the whole complex. A wide parkway runs along the buildings, crossing all courtyards and connecting

the base course

in the arcades is finished off with natural stone. Soft lines, smoothed sharp edges of joints, irregular window partition and uneven height of particular buildings give the complex individual, interesting character.

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